• Sales tracking


    Planning (budgeting), realization, targeting of sellers, deviations, real-time sales tracking, site bidding, status tracking, tasks, reminders and notes. Knowing which stage the sales process represents the basic information that makes decisions in business. The Pozitron Set of business tools enables planning and tracking of sales through the following basic functions:

    Comprehensive information in one place is the basic feature of Pozitron. An integral part of this information is certainly information about products, prices, discounts, tracking of the sales process and all of its participants.

    Planing tool

    Without a plan and insight into the current financial and business situation of the company, it is almost impossible to conduct a business successfully. Planning or "budgeting" is an important but complex process, which is why it's has important place in Pozitron and thus facilitates the planning process itself, which ultimately leads to a clear visible target and financial indicators in real time. Planning can be at the level of one or more companies, planning can be done at the level of one or more companies, groups, branches and departments at the person, product or service level, and all of them can have one or more plans that follow one goal, success. You can create the structure of the plan or plans by yourself according to your own needs. The plan can then be filled with data arbitrarily years back, also years ahead. In planning, you can see the actual realization, targeting and deviation but you have the option of selecting referring plans, realizations, targets and deviations from the past, making it easier to predict. Once you enter the plan amounts simply move slider to change the amount or by entering the amount of subordinate or superior elements, in total monthly or annually, by keeping the total amount of the plan or that the plan fields unlock where the total amount changes. The calculation process by months, or superordinate or subordinate elements of the plan is performed in two automatic ways: reciprocally, where the amount is equally divided by the number of elements or in the ratios where the amounts increase or decrease in relation to the amounts already existing. It is possible to target sales (salespeople to clients, products, services or something else), where target comparisons are immediately visible in relation to the plan and realization. Current graphs and data can be easily printed or exported to popular formats such as: Excel, JSON, CSV, PDF, Word. This is a brief description of the Planning Tool which makes this very complex business process extremely easy.

    Products and services

    Products and/or services in Pozitron are added and regulated from the requirement of tracking sales, eg.their appearance on offers and accounts or in other modules such as job tracking, job orders, and current business status. In products and services it is possible to define which group, category, or some other parameter they belong, and depending on that parameter, define one or more pricing for one product. For all prices it is possible to set different currencies with conversion to the default currency at the middle exchange rate, unit of measurement, different taxes. Here you edit product descriptions which later automatically appear on offers as a text template that can be edited further on the offer itself depending on the needs. For the same purpose, Pozitron allows you to add one or more of your default photos to be editable with text on offers. Products can be planned or targeted for their sale in the Planning Tool, and further track their market placement and realization. Products and/or services can be taken from accepted offers or can be independently monitored in the performance of business processes such as job orders and jobs. In this module, it is also possible to define: discounts, payment types, additional terms and remarks.


    Pozitron search allows you to put in front of you, for example, surrendered, accepted, unanswered offers, offers made by department, vendor, offers from one or more clients, over a period of time and in all of these combinations you get a list and automatically calculate individual and total amounts In the default currency. At current business status (CBS) Pozitron provides a powerful reporting tool also related to bids. Bidding can be started almost everywhere in Pozitron, in any activity where the offer automatically connects and continues to monitor status. An offer can be made with items (products and services) or as a simple version where only the amount is entered. In just a few clicks an offer can be created, printed, or sent to a email of a client with an auto-attached attachment in PDF, with the draft of the text reply directly from Pozitron, where it is further visible all the communication between the seller and the client and / or sellers and other employees internally. It is possible to create a new one as a copy of the existing one. Accepted bidding can be generated in work orders, where items are further tracked if further work is required. Pozitron can automatically generate reminders for offers who are not responding within a certain time. One or more assignments and reminders can be linked to each offer. The offer system can also be tailored to your corporate design to the smallest details.

    Sales tracking

    Clear and up-to-date state of sales is an excellent indicator of our current path in relation to the plan. Each plan can be specifically targeted at a salesperson from which a certain goal is expected. Each salesperson has the ability to track their personal sales, targets, and real-time realization with all the data generated by the Planning Tool. The salesperson has the option of a classic CRM, where he can have complete customer relations at the company, department, or personal level, depending on the authority assigned to him by the superior. Each client in Pozitron can be assigned a sales representative who can change during the period without affecting the overall plan and relationship that the firm already has with the client. One sales representative will easily replace a colleague as needed because all the relationships are already in place. Pozitron as a CRM or XRM tool systematically and comprehensively tracks sales processes, combined with other modules far more than any classic CRM assumes.