“Successfully acquire and retain
not only satisfied customers but also employees.”

Managing client relationships is the starting point for every business concept. This relationship reflects you as a business, shows you where you are and in which direction you are going. Pozitron allows you to monitor the relationship of your employees with the client at any time, the client's relationship with you and the relationship between employees.

In such relationship with client Pozitron automatically connects all the information about client eg.notes, phone calls, mail and fax messages, all client-related files or objects, tasks and reminders along with calendar and planner, inquiries, ticketing, bids, projects , Campaigns, work orders with job tracking, accounts, contracts, etc.

Through Pozitron we also plan (budget) the company, departments, categories, products, target clients, track sales representatives and sell. In the current business status through fully customizable reports and graphical diagrams, we monitor the total planned, targeted and unrealized situation, target and client and salesperson realization, communication status, open and closed dialogues, status and financial indicators of offers and accounts, status of all activities and projects.


About Pozitron

Technologically modern IT concept that allows employes to work with ease, and owners, managers and leads of their sections to follow Key Pointers Of Succes(KPS) of operational business in real time, with all devices from any location.


Simplified design of our application makes it simple to do any operation in few clicks, user manual is not needed.


You are free to use any operation system (Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Android) and device (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone).


It doesn't matter where you are, all your documents, mails , and complete correspondence with clients and employees are always available.


Pozitron is web based business application, without the need to install on device. Completely adjusted to the real needs of the client, tested and safety certified.



Pozitron is designed as „big-data“ solution which sums up all the information necessary for the organization and monitoring of business processes. Supported with advanced retrieval system Pozitron is integrated with e-mail and file system which allows instant finding of files and messages related to customer or employee, incident or any business event. 

It's possible to integrate contacts which comes through your Web portal, Windows Exchange Server, iCloud or Google Outlook contacts. In order to monitor the status of bill collection it's possible to integrate with other services such as accounting SAP and other enterprise applications that are used. Pozitron is open to integration with the VoIP phone system where the user based on the calls automatically finds and opens the existing client and his files and folders, or answers the phone.