“Because it pushes business limits!”

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Imagine a world where communication and collaboration among employees are seamless, where projects and tasks are managed effortlessly with multilevel process traceability. That's the Pozitron XRM, enhancing internal workflows and processes. And it doesn't stop there. With seamless CRM integration, tracking customer-company relationships has never been easier. Plus, Pozitron XRM elevates employee and client interactions to the next level, offering real-time processing and precise resolution of user requests. And let's not forget the innovative search engine, handling large amounts of data and delivering essential information in seconds. Pozitron XRM, the future of business efficiency is here.

Pozitron XRM is a management IT system for complete internal management of the company, projects and processes, as well as timely making and delegation of business decisions.

It combines different locations and existing different programs, combines and manages communication and tasks related to work, projects and processes. In the palm of your hand, like a strategy game, run your business in the most modern way.


Clever Product for Smart Business

Pozitron XRM can create up to 30% new value for smart companies in the first year alone. It quickly achieves a high level of business organization, with quality management of processes and status communication of employees, teams, projects, and clients.


The simplified design of our application makes it easy to perform any operation in just a few clicks, eliminating the need for a user manual.


You can use our application on any operating system (Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Android) and device (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone).


No matter where you are, all your emails, documents, and complete correspondence with clients and employees are always available.


Pozitron is a web-based business application, requiring no installation on your device. It's completely adjusted to the real needs of the client, tested and safety certified.


Pozitron ensures a secure environment for your business operations, with regular updates and robust security protocols.



CRM applications are generally focused on sales, namely the relationships between customers and employees. We've noticed numerous shortcomings in companies using a classical CRM and even more in those not using it at all, so we decided to act quickly and offer a comprehensive solution.

By expanding the classic CRM, we've created an innovative XRM (eXtended Relationship Management) which now focuses on the communication and quality relationships between employees, projects, and tasks that employees participate in, focusing on quality execution and tracking of internal processes, their traceability, on multiple levels simultaneously.

Pozitron XRM still includes CRM, making it easy to track all relations between clients and your company. Quality interaction with clients/customers involves recording, processing, and resolving each individual user request.

Pozitron XRM is an excellent tool for working with large amounts of various information. An innovative internal search engine enables the correct and timely treatment of each request, quick finding of different types of data, and focusing on what's important.

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