• Project managment


    Organizes monitoring of projects by status, calendar, timeline, statistical, financial, according to the human and technical resources necessary to carry out.

    Promptly and unambiguously define deadlines and assigned tasks is certainly the basis of successful project management. Pozitron certainly gives the answer to this very important business segment. In addition to the above features archiving overall communications in one place, it can add and archive all related files and documents in one place. Added value is the possibility of remote access from any device (computer, smartphone or tablet).
    The following are the basic functionality which are supported to efficiently debug and work on the projects:

    Planing tool

    Without a plan and insight into the current financial and business situation of the company, it is almost impossible to conduct a business successfully. Planning or "budgeting" is an important but complex process, which is why it's has important place in Pozitron and thus facilitates the planning process itself, which ultimately leads to a clear visible target and financial indicators in real time. Planning can be at the level of one or more companies, planning can be done at the level of one or more companies, groups, branches and departments at the person, product or service level, and all of them can have one or more plans that follow one goal, success. You can create the structure of the plan or plans by yourself according to your own needs. The plan can then be filled with data arbitrarily years back, also years ahead. In planning, you can see the actual realization, targeting and deviation but you have the option of selecting referring plans, realizations, targets and deviations from the past, making it easier to predict. Once you enter the plan amounts simply move slider to change the amount or by entering the amount of subordinate or superior elements, in total monthly or annually, by keeping the total amount of the plan or that the plan fields unlock where the total amount changes. The calculation process by months, or superordinate or subordinate elements of the plan is performed in two automatic ways: reciprocally, where the amount is equally divided by the number of elements or in the ratios where the amounts increase or decrease in relation to the amounts already existing. It is possible to target sales (salespeople to clients, products, services or something else), where target comparisons are immediately visible in relation to the plan and realization. Current graphs and data can be easily printed or exported to popular formats such as: Excel, JSON, CSV, PDF, Word. This is a brief description of the Planning Tool which makes this very complex business process extremely easy.

    Documents / Files

    Like services for storing and sharing files iCloud Drive, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., Pozitron has integrated its own file module My Box. Now we give you the possibility of owning your own "Dropbox" My Box and the possibility of integration with all these services. My Box gives you excellent organization of the file where the system automatically or on your request makes folders on the server associated with the client, project, task, request, offer and all other modules of pozitron with which is good to keep the integration of file that is accessible, creating and edited directly through the browser, mobile device or computer via the Internet WebDAV protocol, VPN or LAN. The amount of space used by files can easily be expanded by inserting additional drives, which greatly reduces the financial cost, if we compare with the above public services. All data are on your disks, which further guarantees the privacy of business data. For all folders and files you can set access rules, and sharing rules. All files are saved in the time machine so it's possible to access the same document in different periods of its formation. With granted access rights, the files can be accessed from any location and device. Your files are in this way systematically organized and always with you regardless of location or device.

    Work orders

    From items accepted offer and/or creating a new order it's easy to set up items, assign a responsible person and participants, start and end dates, on level of orders and/or any of its items. Each order is accompanied by status, and from each of it's items you can create jobs that are additionally monitored and whose statuses affect the status of a work order. And of course, it is still possible to create personal or group assignments and/or reminders as monitoring project, internal and/or individual process makes it transparent and clear, where we can see exactly how far we've come, what is left open, and what is done and what is actual. This module is not a classic written work order which usually someone signs, it is interactive, which means that in real time you can keep track of all processes, eg. In the field offices, external cooperation and so on.


    Jobs are automatically and/or manually created from items work order and/or are added individually. They can be linked to any Pozitron activity you lead, such as folders, questions/tickets, offers, work orders, projects and so on. If one business process has several actions that should be carried out by one or more parties, then the process assigns more tasks to be done. Parent item, eg. work order can be closed only if all tasks are performed, and their activity is closed, while the complete working order will not be closed until all the items of work orders and all jobs are closed. Actions which are required for the job to be done are described in details, internal and external communication is enabled which remains saved and it's easy to track sequence of events. On progress bar you can visually track percentage of job done from 0 - 100%. Here you can see the planned commencement and completion and/or planned time and actual start and finish work and the positive or negative deviation. From the actual and planned state we can easily get our efficiency to customers and monitor the execution of the field, additionally important if the business have involved subcontractors, they are very easy to integrate into your business processes.