• Internal communication


    Pozitron is specific by that it does not only follows relationship between employee and customer, but also relationship between employee and employee, which results in better service

    Internal communication is often compared with network or threads which holds organizational units together. If internal communication is not good it becomes dangerous threat to organization that can be broken down into its constituent parts.Good or bad communication has big effect on organizational efficiency.Pozitron is answer on improvement of internal communication through the overall integration of communications from the user to the company and the company itself. Pozitron as a set of tools includes defining and monitoring of internal communication through all the modules on which it is important to see the history of communication.


    To solve chaotic standard e-mail communication over CC and BCC fileds, you can connect e-mail with all new and existing activities in Pozitron, and answer on messages directly through Pozitron from the activity you are on. From task ,tickets, questions and work orders. It's very important to continue accessing to all of your messages just as you have answered from your personal mail client. All communication is saved on your Pozitron internal mail server in the event that you delete it. Pozitron is integrated with all current e-mail standards, so you can use your existing mail accounts as channels of communication that are now systematically organized.


    Pozitron enables directly or subsequent connection of incoming and outgoing VoIP telephone calls with all the activities in which it is important to see the history of communication and / or existing contacts where current contact can be recognized during an incoming call and / or subsequently by phone number. To monitor and call is not necessary to be in front of a computer, you can use your existing fixed and mobile VoIP telephony regardless of location, and calls then subsequently organize, search, and / or link to activities eg. The tasks, e-mails, inquiries, offers etc. Integrates with your existing digital telephony and / or enables to be your PBX server.


    You can connect task and/or reminder with all activities and contacts in Pozitron. You can give task to yourself, to others or others to you. You can set participants and person responsible for the task. Task can be connected to one or more tasks or other connected actitvites. Tasks are visible on calendar, so you can manage them easier from there. You can see and manage human resources. You can follow more than one calendar. Calendars can be integrated with your existing services eg.Gmail, iICloud, Outlook, Exchange. Pozitron will create reminder for you or your team in one or more ways: internet-message, pop-up window, send email or SMS message.

    Documents / Files

    Like services for storing and sharing files iCloud Drive, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., Pozitron has integrated its own file module My Box. Now we give you the possibility of owning your own "Dropbox" My Box and the possibility of integration with all these services. My Box gives you excellent organization of the file where the system automatically or on your request makes folders on the server associated with the client, project, task, request, offer and all other modules of pozitron with which is good to keep the integration of file that is accessible, creating and edited directly through the browser, mobile device or computer via the Internet WebDAV protocol, VPN or LAN. The amount of space used by files can easily be expanded by inserting additional drives, which greatly reduces the financial cost, if we compare with the above public services. All data are on your disks, which further guarantees the privacy of business data. For all folders and files you can set access rules, and sharing rules. All files are saved in the time machine so it's possible to access the same document in different periods of its formation. With granted access rights, the files can be accessed from any location and device. Your files are in this way systematically organized and always with you regardless of location or device.