• Managing inquiries


    Pozitron is a excellent tool for a "Call Center", your customer support or simply an employee who takes over, delegates and status monitors incoming inquiries, tickets, meetings etc.

    The quality of interactions with clients/customers includes recording, processing and resolution of each individual user demand. Pozitron is an excellent tool for aggregating large amounts of user information in one place, search, selection, all of which enables proper treatment of each request. Managing inquiries records all calls, e-mails, activities and user request. Main characteristics is the tight integration with the electronic communication through the e-mail message where you get traceability of each individual case, through overall process related to each user request.


    Like tickets, questions have the same functionality and quality of interaction with the client. Questions are usually used to respond to a client in the bid, contract, or response to promotional actions. It is good that interaction with the client is also noted at this stage because by adding tags, it is easier to target sales and/or marketing campaigns according to the experience with the client and his needs.


    All incoming tickets are easy to follow by status, without fear that your client and his status will remain forgotten. All communication between the client and you, the client and the client, is recorded structurally and chronologically from the first moment through the contact module. Received mail, phone call, fax, personal chat or meeting are recorded and merged with the appropriate item. It's possible to find user very fast in database by the incoming phone number, e-mail address, user name, etc. Communication is simply forwarded, eg to another employee, department, or external service, without the client having to re-explain his contact reasons at each forwarding. The quality of interaction with customers is easier with the direct integration of telephony and mail servers through Pozitron.


    Managing client relationships is the starting point for every business concept. This relationship reflects you as a business, shows you where you are and in which direction you are going. Pozitron allows you to monitor the relationship of your employees with the client at any time, the client's relationship with you and the relationship between employees. In such relationship with client Pozitron automatically connects all the information about client eg.notes, phone calls, mail and fax messages, all client-related files or objects, tasks and reminders along with calendar and planner, inquiries, ticketing, bids, projects , Campaigns, work orders with job tracking, accounts, contracts, etc. Pozitron allows you to find any data about clients in database in less than a second. Tested on 500.000.000 clients.


    Pozitron successfully integrates with your existing databases, mail servers and PBX telephone exchanges. We provide the ability for your existing customers who have registered through your web pages to connect with all Pozitron activities with the ability to bidirectional communication between Pozitron and your web portal. We integrate mail together by choosing the best way for you: by connecting to your existing email address via IMAP protocol, forwarding mail to Pozitron and/or setting up your personal Pozitron IMAP mail server, where there are virtually no restrictions on the number of received and sent mails. Messages are automatically connected to open tickets, inquiries, tasks etc. The Mail system in Pozitron enables multiple employees to simultaneously use one or more shared mail addresses, without fear that the same user same mail multiple times by different employees. The user interaction via a mail is recommended to be performed directly in Pozitron through an internet browser, and all communication remains as if you were responding to a client's classic mail client program. HTML signatures and predefined answer templates are also enabled, which you can name, add, and edit yourself.