“Because it pushes business limits! ”

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Pozitron XRM is an ICT system for organizing company management, projects and processes, as well as timely making and delegating business decisions.

It connects different locations and integrates existing different programs, connects and status-leads communication and tasks related to work, projects and processes. In the palm of your hand, like a strategy game, run your business in the most modern way.


About Pozitron

Technologically modern IT concept that allows employes to work with ease, and owners, managers and leads of their sections to follow Key Pointers Of Succes(KPS) of operational business in real time, with all devices from any location.


The experience of using Pozitron XRM design is so simplified that all operations are performed in a few clicks, and user instructions are almost unnecessary.


It gives you independence, because you have a choice in using various operating systems (MacOS, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android) and devices (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone).


It doesn't matter where you are, all your documents, mails , and complete correspondence with clients and employees are always available.


Pozitron is web based business application, without the need to install on device. Completely adjusted to the real needs of the client, tested and safety certified.



CRM applications are mainly focused on sales, ie the relationship between customers and employees. We noticed a number of discrepancies in companies that use classic CRM and even more so in companies that do not use it at all, so we decided to act quickly and offer a smart solution.

By expanding the classic CRM, we have created an innovative XRM (eXtended Relationship Management) which now focuses on communication and quality relations between employees and employees, projects and tasks in which employees participate, ie the focus is on quality execution and monitoring of internal processes, their traceability, on multiple levels simultaneously.

Pozitron XRM still has CRM in it, so you can easily track all the relationships between customers and your company. Quality interaction with clients implies recording, processing and solution of each individual user request.

Positron XRM is a great tool for working with large amounts of different information. An innovative internal search engine enables the correct and timely treatment of each request, quickly finding different types of data and focusing on the essentials.